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I am  Avigail Berg-Panitz - wellness expert and owner of TheSoudnWell.

I was fortunate to be trained by Olav Skille - the inventor of the original Vibroacoustic Therapy from Norway.

Vibroacoustic therapy with Olav's harmonic low sound frequencies create inner conditions to improve one's life as a therapeutic modality and as a self-care tool.
Skille found the correlation between specific lows sound frequencies  which help to  reduce  pain and stress in different parts of the body. Other frequencies help reduce insomnia and anxiety and yet, additional frequencies  lead to deep meditation and self hypnosis.

Vibroacoustic therapy equipment (mats, pillows and sound-bath weighted blankets), embed special low sound frequencies speakers which converted the streamed low sound frequency into gentle sonic cellular massage.

Our frequencies to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress and our deep meditation /self hypnosis frequencies are the bridge which enable an individual embed their hopes, intentions and dreams deep into their minds and live their whishes.

We are partnering  with  A Square Games and Simulation - a VR /AR /AI company:   to  create My Dreamworld Generator platform  as a SAAS  model and  enable an individual to create  new scenarios to improve life quality together with visualization, imagery, and vibroacoustic therapy.

Please read about the perception and   science behind My DreamWorld Generator

Please contact us to set a video meeting to pitch our presentation.


Our business plan includes 3 levels of B2C and B2B implementation of MyDreamWorld Generator SAAS  applications.

We will brand them as VV 3CE

VV stand for Vibroacoustic Therapy together with Virtual Reality

We amplify the “haptic” sensation with sonic harmonic inner body massage to:

  1. Reduce mental, emotional and physical stress and clear “the desktop of the mind” to facilitate easy inner conditions of visualization and imagery.

  2. Create inner conditions of deep meditation and self-hypnosis.

  3. Stream- in, personal multimedia and virtual reality new script of envisioning a new better version of who we are

3CE stands for:

  1. Conscious Entertainment which is a light version of  My DreamWorld Generator

It enables to easily and personal VR scenarios as conscious Entertainment and may be applied in SPAs, Hotels, Schools, Rehabs and homes. In this light version a spa, hotel, workplace or home members could create a and sink into harmony and silence of sonic inner body massage with beautiful background music and videos


  2. Consciousness Exploration

My DreamWorld Generator is an innovative selfcare hybrid platform which combines visualization, imagery, writing and designing a future version of one’s self in different aspects of life – wellbeing, self-confidence, better performance, and replacing bad habits with better habits. This level 2 version, is suitable as a personal self-development for people that are aware of the need of change management in their personal or proffesional life. It could be helpful as b2c or b2b in workplaces, psychotherapy, schools, prisons, hospitals, librarries, retreat centers.


  3. Consciousness Expansion

Psychotherapists and physical therapists could create a customized programs for people in physical or addiction rehab. Hospices and hospitals could create special scenarios to help individuals in life crises. HR could create a special program for different departments and generate tools for teamwork and training. R&D managers could create innovative scenarios for new projects.ns








Learn more about our B2B applications

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