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There are thousand of boutique hotels and chain hotels around the world that may have a pool or fitness room but not a spa.

VV SPA may be a service to clients’ rooms. Hotels may design their default SPA and users may have customize options to personalize the look and feel, the background music and the vibrations.

There may be a dedicated room for VV SPA or room service – pay by the hour.  Learn more..



Recovery – whether is a physical recovery after injury, surgery, accident or any addiction recovery, can not be successful without personal engagement of the individual to the process that is taking place.  

Easy said then done. Very often therapists tend to believe what is good for their clients and “work by protocols” they have learned in academia blended with their belief system. In our holistic and interated approach, if there is no synergy and harmony with the belief system of the individual in therapy, the engagement will not be whole


Our VV platform is a tool for a therapist to realize what are the wishful thinking and roots beliefs which could help in the process and alternatively which beliefs may sabotage vitality and motivation.

Physical Therapy Session


How to manage and reduce stress, anxiety and PTSD with VV Therapy.

Hello Psychotherapist,

You, more than any other therapist, would agree with the statement: “it’s all in our heads”.

The psychophysiological first stage of interpretation of reality, is crucial for self-assessment of what is going on. This stage is  based on memories, thoughts, senses, feeling and taking actions.

VV Therapy is a hybrid system, which includes Vibroacoustic Therapy whole body equipment and a virtual reality council application that enables therapist and client, create and generate customized and personalized tools based on the individual personality and positive experience /positive imagery.

The goal is to proactively reduce mental, emotional and physical stress, prevent and minimize anxiety and PTSD from occurring by rewiring brain/mind/body negative experiences and replacing them with practical CBT tools to enable coping with present situations and disconnecting them from past influence.

Our self- hypnosis frequencies together with virtual reality storytelling multimedia virtual reality tools, enable the above.

Association Game


Workplaces today are dynamic. Employees may change roles and functions in the organization during years or even months . In addition, HR add AI to asses skills and talents of the ir employees.

As part of life change management and discovering potentials of employees. Our system may be a good tool to tell an employee – what is you were… what is your dream role… what would you do after retirement.

Businesswoman with Mask


Cemeteries and Hospices are places of sadness, grief and   agony, They are place of goodbyes…

What if we could provide our platforms and services to revive the beauty of our loved once – or help them create their wishes before they departure to new dimensions?

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