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Dream It
Visualize It.

Write & 
Design It.
Believe It
Have Passion & 
& Driven to Achieve It.
An invitation to collaborate in research

Hello Placebo Effect and Psychoneuroimmunology  ,Neuroplasticity   CBT therapists and hypnotherapists research people.
We at A Square & TheSoundwell, are excited to dialogue with you about collaboration in  our project –
My DreamWorld Generator

For the first time in history, we are combining Virtual Reality Platform and Vibroacoustic Therapy self-hypnosis cellular sonic whole body massage, to provide tools for  individuals to write & design a wishful positive  dream result and embed the new scenario in their minds to  activate a new positive habit in real life.


Research and studies in your field, show beyond any doubt that on a quantum level, everything is connected and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems intertwine and influence each other.


We know that childhood trauma may result psychosomatic conditions including pseudo epilepsy.

We know that physical, emotional and mental stress may weaken the immune system.

WE know that depression may weaken the immune system.

We know that Alzheimer and Dementia have negative lifestyle background impact.


Placebo effect and visualization in sports and health, show how a positive belief may activate “miracles” in the electrochemistry lad of bodymind.

My Dreamworld Generator based on virtual reality technology, together with Vibroacoustic Therapy mat /blanket streaming low sound frequencies,   is a generic, holistic and integrative therapeutic process and a self- help tool system.

Here is the roadmap that enables an individual  to write and design a new script of a vision/ belief  by using virtual reality and multimedia components and then, embed it in his/her mind:

  1. Be aware of what you wish to achieve: boost wellness-health-wellbeing / improve performance in sport or  work or school /sleep better / replace a bad habit with a better habit / improve communication and self confidence /

  2. Relax your mental, emotional and physical stress on a vibromat and clear the desktop of your mind to visualize the scenario you wish to happen

  3. Become the director , conductor and script writer on The MyDreamWorld Generator. Use the library of visuals, audio and record your own voice to generate the new positive scenario you wish to activate

  4. Keep editing  and repeating 2,3 until you feel – you are happy and inspired  by your masterpiece work of art expression which resonate with your hope, dream and positive belief

  5. Download the final version to your phone

  6. Get on the vibro-mat place phone in headset, stream a low sound frequency which brings you into deep meditation and self hypnosis and run your script  

  7. Repeat 6. Daily for a week

  8. Activate your positive new habit

  9. Work on your new dream


My DreamWorld Generator elevates self- care capacity to a new level. It would be used as an added value generic, holistic and integrative therapeutic tool in rehabs, nursing homes, hospice and  schools, sport facilities.


The light version could be used in hotels, spas, retreat and wellness centers


We would be happy to collaborate with you in your field of research.

Please contact us today to learn more.

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