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About Us

My DreamWorld Generator is a partnership between   TheSoundWell Vibro-Therapy and A Square.

Adrian and Austin – co-founders of A Square and Avigaili – founder and CEO of TheSoundWell, are passionate to provide to individuals (and positive psycho therapists  and life coaches) tools to redesign  wishes, belief systems, and habits, to support and make positive changes in people's  behavior, attitude  and approach to life.


As a reality and perception explorer, Avigaili deepened into the interconnectivity between belief system and the impact on our physical wellbeing. In science you can zoom into these fascinating topics in The Placebo effect and, in the science of hope and  in a multidisciplinary science called Psychoneuroimmunology.


A Square will generate the Virtual Reality Generator platform which will enable a layman, inexpert, amateur and untrained individual in virtual reality and computers,  to create a positive  dream script in an intuitive , easy and friendly to use way.

TheSoundWell will provide:   

Sonic ergonomic vibroacoustic therapy mat or sound bath weighted blanket which will reduce mental, emotional and physical stress and "clear the desktop of the mind"   and let go of any limitation of imagination  and  visualization  of a  new wishful scenario.

Our Vibroacoustic Therapy equipment act as whole body haptic equipment which enables to go deep , high and wide into new perception territories with non invasive drugs.

The sonic cellular vibration inner body massage mat or blanket will stream lows sound frequency of self-hypnosis and deep meditation while the individual runs the new VR dream script on the headset to embed it in his/her mind.

3D Splash
3D Spheres
Game Character Creation
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