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Improve wellness, wellbeing and self healing

  • 15Days
  • 20Steps


I had an insight! I am in charge of my 724 trillion cells. I will start communicating with them and create inner conditions of wellness-health and wellbeing. I need to feed my cells with good nutrition, move my body, rest and sleep well. I need to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily. I need to send good energies of healing to every organ and cell. I will reduce stress with my vibromat, start by visualizing and imagining a new habit of self healing. Then, I write and design the new habit in My Dreamworld generator. Lastly I will run my virtual reality new self healing habit script in my headset while lying on the vibromat and streaming self hypnosis frequency to enable embedding it in my mind. Eventually I will activate the new self healing habit in life. With MyDreamWorld Generator, I play life seriously. I write, design and activate the new version of me.

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